Payment Gateways: Thankful or Thankless?

Many of you (nonprofits) receive a significant portion of your donations during the month of December, making November an excellent time to review your online payment gateways.

If you have not updated your payment gateway in recent memory, we recommend you take the time to:

1 BASIC: Place a sample payment on your site. So you can review all the language, prompts, automatic emails, etc., as your donor's see them.
2 BASIC: Review your account with your payment processor. Have they made any changes in the last year you should know about? Do you have daily limits for the dollar amount and number of donations you are able to receive? Are you happy with those limits?
3 ADVANCED: If you have been meaning to review your online payment options, or shop around for reduced fees, now is the time to act.  Saving 0.5% on credit card transactions will save you $50 for each $10,000 you process.
4 ADVANCED: When negotiating your contract consider asking for occasional use of a credit card machine for events, at no charge. Also carefully review and understand the difference in fees for transactions processed online versus in your office, etc.

We want to ensure you are able to keep as much of your donations as possible working toward your organization's mission, not paying fees.

Please remember OneEach does not process any credit card payments or charge fees on your transactions, we simply provide the coding to host your payment processor on your website. We work with most major credit card processors without issue.