Open Y & OneEach Technologies


A Flexible and Cohesive Digital Experience.

By harnessing the power of collaboration and a large, innovative community, the Open Y platform helps make brand-compliant, modern, and responsive websites accessible to YMCAs of all sizes.

With over $1.5m already invested in development, Open Y can dramatically cut the cost of creating a custom website. Additionally, with YMCA-specific features already built into the platform, you will be able to launch your new website on a significantly accelerated timeline.







Pre-configured Features Built for YMCAs

The ever-evolving Open Y platform ensures your YMCA will have full control of your digital experience and will always have access to a future-facing technological solution. The Open Y platform is built on the leading open-source, enterprise-level content management system, Drupal.

Amenity features
Brand-compliant themes
Content scheduling
Location finder
Third-party integrations, including CRMs



Assembling the Pieces

With over 10 years of Drupal experience and over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, OneEach is proud to be an official Open Y digital partner. Our dedicated team will help empower your YMCA to make the most of the Open Y platform by providing ongoing hosting, support, and management of your website. As a OneEach customer, you’ll have access to individualized training sessions and comprehensive video tutorials to set your team up for success.


Ready to join the movement?

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OneEach currently provides Hosting, Support and Management to over 750 nonprofit websites worldwide.




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