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Start Today! Adopt the national Meals on Wheels branding while launching a customized, easy to update, website.

We are excited to announce our official partnership with Meals on Wheels America. With more than 15 years of nonprofit website experience, we understand the unique challenges nonprofit organizations face and we have tailored our products and services to your needs.

Through our partnership with Meals on Wheels America, OneEach Technologies will build your customizable, responsive website from your choice of three branded design themes. Your site structure will be built to include all of the primary functions needed to support your local Meals on Wheel program, and you are able to manage the content and images that make it your own!

Let’s Get Rolling!

A OneEach website will meet all the needs of your organization and our 24/7 support team will ensure your questions are answered promptly and professionally.

OneEach Technologies has been providing website development, hosting, and support to nonprofit organizations for more than a decade and we will be here to help you plan, develop, host and support your website for as long as it is in service. We provide the needed support to make the process simple to use and to help you continue to grow.

Once you have signed your brand license agreement with Meals on Wheels America, we can get started developing your brand new Meals on Wheels Branded Website. The partnership between Meals on Wheels America and OneEach Technologies allows you to pay a fraction of what it would cost to develop the same site through other website providers.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how to start creating a OneEach website for your Meals on Wheels!

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