Mobile Apps For Nonprofits: Benefits of Going Mobile

Are you a nonprofit organization wondering how you can keep up with modern advancements in technology and implement innovative methods to keep in touch with your members, donors, and volunteers? Look no further. Custom mobile apps for nonprofits are the solution you have been looking for. According to a presentation by Associate Director for Research Kristen Purcell, she shares Pew Internet data on the rapid growth of mobile connectivity and social networking in the U.S. and points out several key benefits of mobile technology, which I will outline below.

Mobile Apps Make Information Accessible Anytime & Anywhere

With 91% of American adults owning a mobile phone, technology is more accessible than ever before. With a mobile app, you can send reminders for events, accept donations, and provide up-to-date information and news all in the palm of your hand!

Mobile Apps Put Information at Our Fingertips

Oftentimes, donors are inspired to give while they’re on the go and they’d like to quickly make a donation and move on with their busy schedule. A custom mobile app, now with Apple Pay capability, simplifies the donation process by allowing you to donate with a touch of your finger! This advancement has eliminated tedious forms and saves valuable time.

Magnifies The Demand For Timely Information

We live in a world that demands and expects instant results. Mobile apps allow you to condense information from your website into a bite sized, functional, and convenient interface and communicate with your members, donors, and volunteers instantly.

Makes Information Location Sensitive

Geo tracking makes finding & giving directions easier than ever. This capability is invaluable to nonprofits, as you will be able to instantly help members & volunteers get to where they need to be, and spend more time on helping others.

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