Marshall Moseley

Customer Support

Marshall Moseley started his career as a programmer working for the pioneering computer company, Kaypro Corp., and became the Technical Editor for its user magazine, PROFILES. He was a Software Analyst for Dataquest, Inc., then a division of Dun & Bradstreet, the Product Manager for Borland International’s Quattro Pro and Quattro Pro for Windows spreadsheets, and a Product Planner with the Desktop Applications Division of Microsoft Corp.

He has ten years of experience as a professional WordPress and Drupal developer, working on both business and academic sites. Marshall is technically proficient in PHP, JQuery, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, and CSS, and has worked with code versioning systems such as Git, CVS and Bazaar. He is adept at translating graphical designs to high functioning web pages and layouts and at implementing responsive designs for desktop and mobile platforms.

Marshall is the co-author of the Common Name Resolution Protocol (Internet Engineering Task Force RFC 3367), and the author of Working with Windows 3.1, from McGraw-Hill, and The Windows 3.1 Instant Reference, from Sybex books.