It's "Mobilegeddon"! Run for the Hills!

Haven’t heard about Mobilegeddon yet? Well, with a name like that, the news media is eating it up! Thanks a lot, Google.

Here’s what Google has to say about their “Mobilegeddon”

Our Takeaway from This Whole Thing

With all the hype surrounding this the past few weeks, we wanted to make sure that we gave our customers the run down on how this will affect you and your website.

Having a mobile friendly website is an important feature in today’s world with more than 80% of people owning smartphones, but not having one is not the end all be all for your organization. Like all technology, websites continue to evolve. Due to ever changing technology we (and most developers) recommend you update your website every 2-3 years. If your current website is still somewhat new, but you don’t have a mobile version, there are changes you can make to help appease the “Mobilegeddon”. If your website is looking a little past it's years and could use a fresh and new design, then it just may be time to go for it! Not because Google has changed a few search engine equations, but because it is good for your organization.

Confirming what many of our customers have experienced, Blackbaud has published a report finding that, of the 105 organizations studied, online donations increased by 59% when the online donation pages where mobile friendly. We’re not joking. We don’t joke about online donations. No, really.

What did Google really do?

Google recently changed their search engine rankings, which can effect you if your website is not ‘mobile friendly’. When mobile users perform a Google search, your website may rank much lower than previously if it cannot be viewed correctly on a mobile device.

What can you do today?

Test your website. Google has this great FREE resource for you to see how your website stacks up to mobile requirements.

How can OneEach help you with this?

Going forward responsive website designs will be our standard. Non-responsive designs will still have a place in the world, but for new websites, they will be the exception to the rule.

So, no need to let “Mobilegeddon” have you running for the hills, everything has to be a “-geddon” these days in order to make the news cycle. Just remember that OneEach Technologies is here to help you navigate the crazy world of Google and their constantly changing search engine rankings.

If you have additional questions or if you are ready to upgrade your website to a mobile-friendly responsive website, please contact us.