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Texting for nonprofits

Whether you're interested in using texting for a one-time event or you would like to integrate texting into your ongoing digital strategy, our pay-as-you-go plans will ensure you never pay for more than what you need. Your texting credits never expire and will be available for use whenever needed. 

From the Tech Support Inbox

This weeks' blog post will go over some of the common, but easily fixable issues that OneEach technical support comes across on a daily basis.

Pasting Formatted Text

“I'm trying to edit this page and no matter what I do, the fonts don't look right and I can't resize anything. Help!”

Social Media & Nonprofits

As the digital and online world has evolved over the last ten years, the internet and online fundraising have become an integral part of any nonprofits’ financial picture. And a key part of that online effort is social media.

But how should a nonprofit approach social media successfully? How can it benefit your organization?

Images, Phones, and Your OneEach Website

Managing a website can be a daunting task, and one of the trickiest elements is images – what they are, how to place them, and how to make sure they look good on all devices. This blog post will explain a little bit about what images are and how to make them show up correctly on any device.

Based on the idea that you have a basic knowledge of your OneEach website, including creating, editing, and adding images to pages. 

A OneEach Guide to Browsers

Ah, web browsers. Those mysterious and quirky programs that provide us a window on the internet, that connect us with our online life. For the people who live and breathe bits and bytes, they are a well-understood, commonplace technology. But for others, they are just a means to an end, a tool for work, and their differences can be confounding.
This short article will explain what web browsers OneEach sites supports, describe some of their differences, and offer a little history of these browsers.
Supported Web Browsers


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