What Can a Custom Mobile App Do for Your Nonprofit?

If you are a nonprofit organization that is constantly seeking to make the donation process and communication with members, donors, and volunteers, simpler, you should consider a custom mobile app from OneEach Technologies.

Simplify Communication

A mobile app allows you to access your members, donors, and volunteers whenever and wherever they are. By expanding your digital reach, this leads to increasingly open communication and a simpler way to effectively communicate.

Provide More Volunteer Opportunities

A mobile app for your nonprofit will offer a new outlet for posting volunteer opportunities and will help keep your members, donors, and volunteers in the loop about upcoming events and fundraisers. While checking a website daily quickly becomes tedious, it’s much easier to simply open a mobile app on your phone and skim through updates. This means your audience will see updates from you more frequently, and they can even elect to be notified anytime you post anything they’re interested in via push notifications.

Streamline Fundraising / Donations

Oftentimes, navigating to webpages and long forms can be a deterrent for potential donors. Mobile apps allow donations to be made with a simple push of a button. Additionally, they allow donations to be made anytime, anywhere. If a donor becomes inspired to give while taking a walk, making their morning commute, or on their lunch break, they can donate simply by using your nonprofit’s app.

OneEach Technologies offers 2 levels of App development. You may choose from either an already built app template or work with us to create a new app from the ground up. Whichever route you choose, we look forward to partnering with your nonprofit for your new custom mobile app. Contact us today by email or call us at 1.866.241.6655.