Purpose of a Nonprofit Website

The purpose of a nonprofit website is to share the foundation’s mission, make connections, and entice people to participate in nonprofit fundraising events and donations. Therefore, as you begin mapping out your nonprofit’s website, it’s essential to put yourself in the target audience’s shoes and by asking, “Why should someone care or want to donate to this organization?”

Take a moment to investigate your nonprofit using the 5W1H method (who, what, when, where, why, and how). Grab a piece of paper, your mission statement, and answer the following questions about the company.

Who? What? Why?

Having a website allows the nonprofit to make connections with its audience and tell the foundation’s story. As you’re mapping out what your website should look like, ask yourself questions that your audience would ask. Brainstorm and build your story to inspire and establish a connection towards the cause.

  • What pain points did you see when you first started the nonprofit? 
  • Why did you start it?
  • Who is behind the organization?
  • Why were you passionate about this movement?
  • Who is the business helping? 
  • Why do they need help or assistance?
  • What are the nonprofit’s goals in one year, five years, and ten years from now?
  • What success stories do you have so far?
  • What kinds of changes do you want to see in the community, government, or the world?
  • What does the nonprofit need from its community? 
  • What are you asking people to do? And does this change?
  • Your nonprofit has goals, visions, and achievements to aspire to. The nonprofit website is a place to share that story and the meaning behind the organization. 

When? Where? How?

Now it’s time to be thinking about how you want your audience to get involved. The website should be intentional and easy to navigate by telling the viewer what they can do right away. 

  • Do you need volunteers for pop-up events?
  • Do you need cash donations?
  • Is there a petition you would like people to sign?
  • Are there places to donate food and clothing?
  • Where is your next event?
  • When should people donate?

Take this opportunity to jot down where people can find you (location, phone number, social media), when the next few events are, and how you want people to engage and spread your message.