Feel Like You’re Being Ignored After You Sign The Contract?

Child yelling in megaphone and feeling ignored

You've Signed The Contract - Feeling Ignored?

Let’s take a look at a typical scenario we hear about. A few months ago, you signed a contract for your new website to be designed and built. It was an exciting time back then. But now that it’s been a few months, you feel like you’re being ignored. You don’t know what’s happening. You’re not being provided updates on the project. It’s a bit unnerving. 

Or let’s say you got that new website delivered and it went live, but your team wasn’t provided onboarding and training. You’re not aware of all the bells and whistles (also known as tools and features). You’re not sure how to find certain tools to update page copy. You need to add an event but can’t find the backend to the calendar. And how do you set automatic upgrades to your software? You’ve called and left messages, but you’ve received no responses. Feeling ignored. Is the support team even around?

Most businesses don’t ignore their customers intentionally. But it’s not really what the business thinks about itself - it’s what the customer thinks. And if a customer feels ignored, that’s not a good thing.

OneEach Builds Relationships With Customers

Here at OneEach, we don't ignore our customers. We believe in forming relationships with them. That means, after we both sign the contract, we keep you informed all along the way your new website is being developed. And we provide onboarding and training for your team members. Then once your website goes live, we provide 24/7/365 support. That’s great service, and we’re committed to providing you with it! Let’s break down each of those areas so you understand the process better.

Onboarding For Your Team - Why Does It Matter?

Website onboarding is the process of helping our customers learn what they can do with their new website, how they can start using it, and how they can find value in it. The onboarding process begins even before your new website goes live. We think of it as a tour to show your team everything they need to know about your new website. However, the website tour is only a part of the onboarding process.

The moment your community, donors, volunteers, and prospective supporters visit your website, your responsibility is to attract and help them learn about your nonprofit, your mission, and how you serve those in need. So part of our website onboarding with your team provides the necessary information and guidance to ensure your content, website navigation, and other features make sense and can be used well by visitors. 

We believe onboarding is a critical part of your website development. Here are a few of the steps we take to ensure we provide you with a great onboarding experience:

  1. We know your team. We will find out who is responsible for different areas of your website and we will ensure they have the right information to get started.
  2. We set realistic expectations. Yes, we want to make a great first impression on your team. But we also know not to make promises we can’t keep.
  3. We involve your team. We believe the best way for your team to adopt and buy-in to your new website means learning by doing. We don’t just talk at you. And we ensure you don't feel ignored.
  4. We speak your language. In the technology industry, we have a lot of jargon. But don’t worry - we don’t speak geek during your team’s onboarding. We use terms you’ll understand.
  5. We won’t overload you. Learning new technology for the first time can be demanding and intimidating. Just like learning to drive a car, but it quickly became second nature to you, right? Our onboarding experience will be much more exciting than reading the driver’s ed manual before you take the test.  

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about our onboarding process:

“The team was great – they finished ahead of schedule and were responsive to my questions throughout the process. In fact, the team worked too quickly for me and had to accommodate me when I needed more time. I’m not very knowledgeable in this area, so I asked them many questions, and they were very patient with me. The OneEach Technologies team made sure that I understood the technology enough to run it by myself. They were more than happy to send me video tutorials and teach me how to manage the site.” –Executive Director, Griffin-Spalding County United Way

Once we have your team onboarded with your new website, we provide them with ongoing training.

Website Training That’s Engaging (And Fun)

No matter how user friendly your new website is, we believe ongoing training is still required for your team to realize the website’s full potential. Here are a few reasons why we provide training for our customers:

  • They want to do the content updates themselves without relying on someone else
  • After a few years they want to change the look and feel of their branding
  • They have a limited budget and want to feel confident knowing how to make updates to their sites
  • Team members want to learn new skills to work with the website

At OneEach, we provide training and enrichment opportunities through hands-on training, webinars, articles, how-to’s, and video tutorials. We also realize that sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to take care of everything on your to-do list. We understand! That’s why we provide a Website Maintenance Package where we add, update, and remove content on your website. 

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about training:

“The customer service has been great. Rather than just solving problems for us, they’re willing to teach us how to handle certain tasks. That sets me up better for the future.”  – Director, State Employee Organization

Tech Support: Why It’s Imperative For Your Team

What would happen if your website went down today? That’s a scary thought. For many smaller nonprofits, there is only one person or a small team responsible for resolving website issues. The main reason organizations purchase support services is to fix critical issues that directly affect their business. 

For your nonprofit, without a functioning website you could be losing donations, potential supporters wouldn’t be able to find out information about your organization, and you couldn’t share updates on the work you’re doing. That’s why it’s imperative for your team to have technical support and not be ignored. Tech support is critical for your nonprofit as new scenarios and website issues may arise that weren’t considered during design, development, and training stages. 

Check out what one of our customers has to say about our support services:

“OneEach Technologies provided online resources, training materials, webinars, and one-on-one support. Because of our small size, it was great having a team that quickly resolved any issue. I knew that I had the technical support to back me up.” –Executive Director, United Way of Northern Ozaukee, Inc.

Consequences Of Not Having Onboarding, Training & Support

We would rather not discuss a new website project without onboarding, training, and support (it’s rather terrifying). But, the stark reality is an eye-opener. Think about these typical issues that may arise:

  • Project delays: can your budget really handle website project delays, which typically mean higher costs?
  • Lowered effectiveness of your website: can your nonprofit afford missing out on donations?
  • Resistance to change by staff: what if your team gets so frustrated because of the lack of training and support that they just refuse to use the website’s tools and features?
  • Increase in manual processes: isn’t one of the key reasons for a new website to get your nonprofit more automated and efficient?
  • Lowered job satisfaction due to frustration: there are enough issues in the workforce – why add another one?
  • Inability to maintain software: why even invest in a new website if you can’t maintain it?

So, what does OneEach Technologies do to set themselves apart from other digital products/services providers? How do we ensure you never feel ignored after you’ve signed the contract?

The OneEach Differentiators

Remember this quote? “In a few months people won’t remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel.” Pretty powerful. So, we make sure to find ways to share the love. And guess what, that’s what sets us apart. We make our customers feel special. 

Remember, it isn’t whether your vendor feels like they aren’t ignoring you. It’s whether you feel you are being ignored. Make sure you find a partner that helps you feel you’re in the game, onboarded well, trained adequately, and supported for the life of your website. Give us a call - we’d love to chat with you!