Case Study: Unity Worldwide Ministries

Unity Worldwide preferred website provider

Unity Worldwide Ministries

“They’re patient and compassionate with our churches who generally don't have a technical person on staff.” —Debbie Allen, LUT, Global Assistance Specialist, Unity Worldwide Ministries.

United Worldwide Ministries partnered with OneEach because they needed a website that was powerful and aesthetically pleasing, while still easy to manage and update themselves. They were also working on a branding program for over 500 churches across the United States and needed help with developing a templated solution that would allow for a consistent look, but still allow churches to make their website their own.

"OneEach Technologies established a branded Drupal website for our organization as well as four templates that our churches could choose from as their own site. Each template follows the overarching brand while having a different format depending on the church’s characteristics. Our churches can take online donations, link to Facebook pages, and include LISTSERV sign-ups. The sites are all mobile-friendly," explains Debbie. "I have nothing but positive reports from the churches about how easy the sites are to manage and update. The help they get from our rep and the technicians has been great. The sites allow the churches to present themselves in a very professional manner. Visitors to the churches’ sites can essentially walk through the church without having to meet someone in-person. One church on the East Coast, for example, saw donations go up by 500% after launching the site."

Ongoing support

The OneEach team is dedicated to helping nonprofits of all sizes; we understand the limited amount of hours you have in a day. Our goal is to give you more time in your day to focus on what matters to you, and less time worrying about things like coding and site management. We are proud of our solutions for Unity ministries, which are easy to manage, beautiful, integrated, and flexible.