Case Study: United Way of Prince Edward County's Upgrade

A flexible approach to new United Way branding guidelines


United Way of Prince Edward County partnered with OneEach for a refreshed website design and updated payment portal that focused on branding and accessibility. With United Way's updated branding guidelines, it was important to meet these new standards while still leaving room for design flexibility, allowing the the organization to spotlight their unique goals and connect with visitors using impactful imagery. 


Now, their newly-upgraded website features three clickable icons that showcase their unique focus areas: Education, Health, and Financial Stability, along with a "Fund the Cause" callout button. By turning the spotlight on these areas, website visitors are immediately able to make a connection with United Way of Prince Edward County's mission, rather than navigating through menus. A powerful, hand-selected background image provides the perfect backdrop and a simple main navigation menu makes it easy for visitors to find exactly what they're looking for. 


Simple process, powerful results


All OneEach customers have a dedicated Success Team to help with implementation, website upgrades, and support. As an existing customer, United Way of Prince Edward County worked with their Account Manager and a dedicated Project Manager to bring their website goals to life over the course of a little over one month. "The instructions were easy to follow and so user-friendly," said Ashley C., "OneEach made it completely easy to change from our current site to our new site."