Case Study: United Way of Marion County

A refreshed website design focused on user experience

United Way of Marion County

"We’re thrilled and proud of our new website." —Brett White, Executive Director, United Way of Marion County.

United Way of Marion County was in need of a website refresh, with a focus on user experience, responsiveness, and engaging content. After consulting with other United Ways, they found OneEach and determined our products would be a perfect fit for their needs. 

Lasting impact

Since launching their new website, United Way of Marion County has received positive feedback almost every day about the new features, intuitive UI, and the beautiful visual design.

Collaborative approach

OneEach uses Basecamp to organize all of our projects and streamline communication. "Their collaboration tools allowed us to work alongside their team members to ensure that everyone was on the same page and on track to meet goals," says Brett. "We worked with their skilled employees to solve issues and they understood that we needed to meet a nonprofit budget. Their developers and support staff are extremely responsive when we need help or an issue addressed. They understand the constraints that a nonprofit works under, including budgetary and staffing limitations. Their background in nonprofit work and their passion make them a fantastic partner because they’ve been in our shoes before."