Case Study: United Way of Indiana County's Use of Digital Forms

Determining Eligiblity for a Disaster Relief Fund with Dynamic Digital Forms

UW of Indiana County

As we learn how to communicate in this new normal, it's important to understand what your community needs and how you can help. United Way of Indiana County is working with the Indiana County Community Action program to provide assistance to those impacted by COVID-19 in Indiana County, PA. They needed a solution to help capture names of the adults who live in the home, information about their needs (rent, food, etc.), and proof of impact from the coronavirus.

The solution: A form that is able to collect all of this secure information and display options tailored to each respondent's needs.

We are all in this together, however, no two situations are the same. Conditional forms allow you to display unique responses and questions based on each respondent's answers. For example, if a respondent was laid off from their job, different resources would display than if they were still employed or furloughed.

The form that United Way of Indiana County created includes an upload function, signature box, and also includes a special permission to allow ICCAP to view submissions with a secure login.

Benefits of Conditional Forms

Traditional, static forms can be useful for collecting very basic information, but fall short when you want to provide resources for unique situations. Conditional forms should be used for situations when you need to:

  • Streamline the process: Conditional forms are more digestible and less complicated
  • Keep your forms short: Hide fields until they need to be displayed, based on responses
  • Display follow-up questions: Some situations might require additional information, which can be easily displayed after a selection is made
  • Generate PDFs: Allow respondents to download relevant PDFs based on their needs
  • Supporting documentation: Allow respondents to upload supporting documentation, such as their driver's license or proof of impact, right on the form
  • Collect signatures: Embed a signature area right on your form