Case Study: United Way of Central Georgia's Virtual Fundraiser

UW of Central Georgia

United Way of Central Georgia utilized the OneEach platform to raise almost $85K and gain over 1,1000 donors in a little over two months with a successful virtual fundraiser. We sat down (virtually) with Communication Director Laura Stauter to learn more about how their team used their website, smart digital forms, and social media to bring the event to life.

Bringing the Event to Life

It started as an idea in mid-March and by early June raised almost $85k and gained over 1,100 new donors (and emails) to United Way of Central Georgia. The fundraiser, “478 Sings,” was organized as a virtual singing competition using the OneEach platform and social media as the stage and voting/donor tracker.

Running the Competition Virtually

The competition began with a large local and social media presence. After about 40 artists registered to be in the competition (also through the OneEach platform), a committee selected 32 of those acts to be in the “478 Sings” contest. The Grand Prize: $2,500, the opening act at a local concert for a national recording artist, and track recording at a local recording studio. The competition was run as a single-elimination, bracket-style tournament where voting/donations decided the winner.

“478 Sings” organizers and contestants used social media as the communication tool with donors and fans to optimize voting (donations). With interviews with contestants, Facebook Lives, and a lot of voting updates, over 1,300 people contributed/voted in the contest raising $84,131.