Case Study: Successful Virtual Workplace Campaigns

UW Pickens

After hearing about OneEach from other local United Ways, United Way of Pickens County decided to partner with us on their website project. They were looking for a digital solution that would allow them to easily add and update content.

This year, many United Ways are seeking solutions to help them navigate the virtual campaign season of 2020. After getting to know the platform and the many features available to them as a OneEach customer, Pickens County has recently started to take advantage of the solutions built to help create a successful virtual campaign, such as smart digital forms, donation pages, and our flexible texting solutions—allowing them to meet members, donors, and volunteers where they are. 

"Most recently, OneEach provided us with the ability to host virtual workplace campaigns, which is going to be a game changer for us. In the COVID crisis climate, we are unable to host in-person workplace campaign meetings.

OneEach upgraded our website to add new features which is making it a breeze to design customized workplace campaign templates for each of our companies through a combination of landing pages and webforms," explains the Vice President of Resource Development, Jennifer Boroughs Shurley.

Our workplace campaign templates allow donors to declare the amount they would like to give each pay period, which then calculates their total annual gift automatically. Campaign coordinators can then easily pull results from personalized pages.

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