Case Study: Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka

Increasing Site Traffic and Donations

Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka

Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka worked with us to overhaul their website, and together we created a dynamic, engaging, clean design that spotlights their focus areas through video and full-screen imagery. We gave new life to a then five-year-old website by rebuilding it on the powerful Drupal 8 platform, cleaning up the content, turning the spotlight on clear CTAs, and making the donation page more accessible. 

When our customer decided it was time to upgrade their website, they were hoping to make their donation page easier to find with less clicks. "We have a lot more traffic coming to the site. Our board was very impressed with how easy it is to find the “Donate” button on the new site", explained Jerika H., Volunteer & Events Director, Boys & Girls Clubs Topeka, "On our previous site, it took four clicks where it should have taken one. Our online donations have increased as well, and they’re easier to track."

The transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 was seamless, as the OneEach team took the lead on coding and building the design, allowing Jerika and her team to think about the content, videos, and imagery. The new platform offers many new features, such as a built-in SEO analyzer, which allows editors to see the SEO ranking of their content before taking it live. This insight, coupled with an engaging video and powerful imagery on the homepage has led to an increase in site traffic, donations, and engagement. 

The OneEach team enjoyed working on this project and continues to be impressed with how our customers are finding new ways to stay connected during this new "normal" we're in.