5-Star Review: More Online Donations Year Over Year

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Yes, fundraising is key for nonprofits and it's exciting to see increases in online donations. But one of the main characteristics of people who work for nonprofits that always amazes us is their passion for their mission. It doesn’t matter if they are overworked, underpaid, and exhausted – their passion continues to shine through. We applaud these nonprofit workers and do our very best to make their lives easier, save them money, and set them up for success. How? By offering digital solutions that are the answers to their challenges. 
Recently, a Clutch Analyst interviewed one of our customers, United Way of Payne County, to discuss a new website design and development we created for them. This blog consists of portions of that interview because frankly, our customers share their success story better than we can! The piece that stood out to us in this interview was that because of our collaboration on building them a new website, they are now seeing more donations year over year. What nonprofit wouldn’t want to experience that, right? 
So, let’s get started with United Way of Payne County’s story…


United Way of Payne County is a local affiliate of United Way Worldwide, and they support local nonprofit partner agencies through fundraising. All those partner agencies - of which they currently have 22 - then help support and improve the health, education, and financial stability of citizens in Payne County, Oklahoma. In order to conduct effective online fundraising, they needed a new, modern website.


The challenges United Way of Payne County was facing included needing a website that could collect and process donations, and they needed reliable, secure hosting. Based on references from other United Way organizations that were customers of OneEach Technologies, they partnered with us. 


OneEach Technologies developed a beautiful website that allows United Way of Payne County to process donations and create any donation webform that they want, connected through Apple Pay and Stripe. United Way of Payne County uses Stripe to process all donated dollars, and they get email receipts when donations come in. 
Right now, United Way of Payne County is about to start their community investment program, where their 22 partner agencies apply for fundraising from them. OneEach Technologies has developed a webform for funding. This webform functions as an online application where agencies can create an account, sign in, upload documents, and save their progress.  The backend lets United Way of Payne County users easily export the applications when they’re complete to review them in an easy-to-read and accessible way. 
In addition to providing managed hosting, OneEach Technologies also provides online support and maintenance for United Way of Payne County’s website. They can submit support tickets whenever they need areas updated or if they have issues. Additionally, OneEach Technologies provides them with a dedicated Account Manager that provides training whenever they need more hands-on, intensive learning on how to use the website.
As for the backend, OneEach Technologies keeps the website up to date to meet current web and browser standards, updating it every time a new version of Drupal comes out. 


According to Jacob Redway, Marketing Director for United Way of Payne County, 
"Since we’ve been using OneEach, our annual fundraising campaign has raised more and more dollars each year, with more donations coming in online year-over-year (YoY). These results are partly due to the way OneEach has set up our donation page.
We’d been trying to move towards online donations as much as possible. Although the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated that shift, the easy functionality of the solution OneEach developed has also played a significant role in achieving this goal. 
Thanks to their efforts, we’re also getting more visibility as we move forward. We’ve not only seen more dollars come in, but we’ve also seen more people ask about volunteering and submitting questions about who we are, what we do, and our services. 
The OneEach team has also been very forward-thinking in preparing us for major updates to the site. Whenever we have a website interruption because of an update, they make sure the transition is as smooth as possible."


Our customers share with us often that they appreciate having real people to connect with that understand their nonprofit business and needs. Isn’t it interesting that providing real people to serve you is a competitive differentiator? We love serving our customers! 
In this interview, that very sentiment came up again, “The best thing about working with OneEach is that when I need to talk to a real person, they make sure they give me the opportunity to do that. I appreciate having our representative Allyson, who’s really helpful and tries to make herself as available as she can with training. I’ve learned most of what I know about our website from Allyson.” 
Here’s a little side note about Allyson. She used to be a United Way Director and a former customer of OneEach Technologies. After a couple of years as a customer, we hired her to be the point person to support our United Way customers. She loves innovating and collaborating with them to provide website features and tools that are customized specifically to meet United Way’s needs. Three top webforms we’ve built for our United Way customers are agency funding applications, pledge cards, and quarterly reporting, just to name a few. And guess what? We didn’t charge extra for those features! 


It’s been fun for us to read through this interview and review of our product and services. This type of feedback helps us learn what’s important to our customers and where we can continually improve to serve you better. We’ll wrap up this blog post with the following summary submitted by our customer:
“Thanks to OneEach Technologies’ fundraising solutions, United Way of Payne County has seen more online donations year over year. As a proactive partner, the OneEach team communicates effectively via Zoom, phone calls, and a support page. Their stellar customer service is a highlight, especially when it comes to training. The team is very knowledgeable about how our website works, how issues can get fixed, and where things are.”  – Jacob Redway, Marketing Director
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