5 Benefits of Texting For Nonprofits

Have you considered texting yet to set you apart from America’s 1.3 million charitable nonprofits? You’re vying for the attention of volunteers, supporters, the communities you serve, prospective donors, and current donors every day. You’re doing your best with a variety of marketing channels such as radio and podcast advertising, direct mail, website content, online ads, email, and more. At times you may question if you’re communicating enough with your audiences.  

Is Texting Right For Your Audience?

Texting isn’t just for the younger generation any more. Across all socioeconomic and global demographics, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. Using texting as part of your nonprofit marketing strategy is important because it has an incredible reach and most likely your messages will be seen by those who may not be accessing email or reading mail regularly. 

According to the Pew Research Center, along with taking photos, text messaging is the most common non-voice application Americans use on their mobile phones. In fact, text messaging users send or receive an average of 42 messages per day. And according to Donorbox, the average smartphone user spends around three hours per day on their phone. What wonderful opportunities for prospective donors to see and give to your fundraising campaign, RSVP for an event, or sign up to volunteer.

The Reach of Texting

Here are some eye-opening numbers that might make you stand up and say, “Why haven’t we started texting sooner?!” 

  • Over the last decade, the number of texts sent has increased by 7,000%
  • Researchers predict 6 billion people will send and receive text messages by 2025
  • Texting is 3 - 8X more preferred than face-to-face communication across all generations
  • 89% of people would like to text with businesses

Most Common Reasons Nonprofits Use Texting

In all reality, competition to attract passionate, committed donors is high. How does your nonprofit ensure it’s doing all it can to reach your target audience? Here are some common reasons to use texting:

  • Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd: In an effort to increase engagement, consider texting personalized messages as a unique way to grab attention. 75% of people wouldn’t mind receiving a text from a brand (MarketingProfs). 64% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that texts (Harris Poll). And 90% of people say they would rather receive a text than a phone call from a business (Franchise Help). But here’s the kicker - only 17% of nonprofits are currently using texting in their marketing strategy.
  • Build Deeper Relationships: Of course, keeping in touch with your donors is a high priority, you will also need to communicate with volunteers, those who receive your products or services, and even your staff. Sure, email, phone, and mail are still viable forms of communication, but most people prefer to text over other forms of communication.
  • Save Money: Direct mail is one of the highest cost forms of communication, so many nonprofits have moved to email. But, they are finding that the open and click through rates are lower than expected. Switching to texting not only saves money but also experiences greater engagement rates.
  • Communicate Faster: These days, people expect immediate response and convenience in their communication. Texting is a fast and effective way – not to mention being the preferred way – to communicate. 

Typical Ways Nonprofits Use Texting

As a nonprofit, you are always looking for efficient ways to engage and connect with your staff, volunteers, donors, and community. When you incorporate texting into your larger marketing strategy, you can send customized messages to targeted audiences with fewer costs and quicker turnaround times. Here are a few ways you can increase your impact by texting with your audiences:


  • Confirming event attendance: this is an easy way to estimate how many people will be at your event, and it’s convenient for attendees to reply. 
  • Sending event reminders: people get busy and don’t always read emails right away. Texting gives you the opportunity to remind attendees about date, time, location, and directions.
  • Communicating last minute changes/emergencies: this is a fast way to get information out quickly, especially in cases where same-day volunteers are needed, supplies are needed at an emergency, or an event location or time has changed.


  • Thanking donors: when someone gives to your nonprofit, a simple thank you can go a long way. Sending a thank you text message is a cost-effective, quick way to show your appreciation. And to donors, being appreciated and valued is a great feeling.
  • Nurturing prospective donors: after your fundraising team has met with prospective donors, sending a quick text to those donors thanking them for their time and support is not only courteous, but it acts as a reminder to the prospect to take action.


  • Increasing reach: do you need more people to know about your products or services and even your brand? Texting is a great way to spread the word about your nonprofit to a wide audience.
  • Connecting with help: if your nonprofit is a critical liaison to services, such as medical care, shelter, food supplies, etc., text can provide immediate access for those you serve.


Because people have a high probability of engaging quickly via text messaging, fundraising can be a successful way to connect with donors. And most likely, they already have their credit card information stored on their phones, so there’s no need to hunt for their credit card.


Want to learn more about awareness of your nonprofit? Text your targeted audiences. Want to gain insights in the level of engagement of your donors and volunteers? Text them. Want to know what’s going well or what needs improvement? Text those you serve.

The great thing is receiving and sending text messages is easy. It’s the perfect channel to connect and engage with your audiences and gather great real-time information and insights.

5 Top Benefits Of Texting For Your Nonprofit

We’ve shared a lot of numbers with you - we trust you see the evidence as to why your nonprofit should start texting. But maybe you need some of the true benefits of texting. Here are five to get you started:

  1. Can Use Anytime, Anywhere. You can communicate without the need for an internet connection. Your text messages can be accessed by anyone’s mobile device anytime, anywhere. 
  2. Easy To Use. Sometimes technology can be intimidating, but texting is pretty basic and widely accepted across generations. And, it just takes minutes to get your nonprofit up and running, with our responsive support team at your services 24/7.
  3. Saves Time and Money. When you are able to gather data, use autoresponders and templates, and create custom outreach, the value your nonprofit receives far exceeds the cost of a texting platform.
  4. Creates Better Experiences. You can connect with donors, prospects, volunteers, and staff quickly with important updates, event notices, polls, and marketing campaigns, which provides the experience of great “customer service.”
  5. Provides Faster Communication. Consumers favor the organization that is most responsive to their needs. They are most likely to volunteer at, donate to, and support causes of the nonprofit that demonstrates accessibility, value, and professionalism.

Are you ready to get started with texting? OneEach Technologies can help! 

Texting for Nonprofits by OneEach Technologies

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